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Okay, so these are the rules of the group!
These are very important so follow them or you'll get kicked. ;;

1. Being nice to people -- I've seen many people be rude to others and seriously, that will not work here. Once I hear of someone being rude, you have one chance and then you're out. Okay? Good.

2. Don't go against the admins rules -- Suggestions, advice, etcetera, yeah that's okay, but if you force anything on one of the admins you will be-- BAM! Gone.

3. No arguing over vocaloid personalities -- Don't argue over the vocaloid personalities! The personalities aren't exactly official-- they're vocaloids! But, if you make the vocaloids mary-sues or gary stus then someone. CONTACT AN ADMIN. No one likes mary sues/gary stus. Like seriously, "Ooh~! I can do anything~ I'm the best person in the world~ Woo~!" Ahahahhah, no. If I see any of that, no chances, you're gone. C8

4. On that note, the Vocaloid's personality has to make sense--Make it at least somewhatcorrespond with some of the songs they've sang.

5. No OCs -- Just. No. C8

6. Pairings -- You can have pairings in here, Three-ways, Love Triangles, WHATEVER, One person can even be with like.. Four people! But don't force the pairing on someone just for your happiness--they might not like that! Or, if the group has a pairing you don't like, and you're not part of it--WELL GET OVER IT. You're not in it! Sorry to say, but you're not exactly the center of the world... We can't really do everything you want.

If you have any questions please note someone from Founders, Co-founders, and/or contributors.
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July 21, 2012


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